This place, this little stretch of rice fields bordered by low mountains, this is a source of inspiration for me. The wind is always blowing there and there the seasonal change is evident in the subtle shift of hues and wildflowers. Unfortunately, I am not able to walk through the fields as much as I like. I live a very small life here on this island. I work full-time as an English teacher for a private kindergarten and while I love my students, I can get a little anxious (read: really, really anxious) when my day job overshadows my work. Winter heightens my anxiety because I have very little daylight outside of work and spend a lot of energy combatting a desire to hibernate. During these cold and usually wet days, I need a constant of stream inspiration to draw from.

So I turn to the internet.
Here are some things that have upped the inspiration for me lately. Perhaps there will be something here that will help you too.

Painting in the Dark (the third in a really great series of video essays)
Amy Tan’s Where does creativity hide? (Classic TED talk worth revisiting)
Your art is shit (a little animation to remind you of the truth)
From Timber to Tide (for the love of doing your true work)
George Saunders: On Story
My haphazard phenology (A post sent to me by a dear friend who knew it would resonate. And make me feel less lonely.)

Yet above all of the lovely internet-based sources, I have been inspired by two Davids. Both of them born on January 8th though one of them is still fighting cancer. My older brother (and only brother)  David is back in the hospital (went back on the day of Bowie’s death in fact) and thinking of his life has been very inspiring for me to keep focusing on what I feel compelled to work on rather than what I think should be working on. Like my writing and drawing rather than my profession as a language teacher. He worked as a history professor until recently when he became fed up with the bullshit that currently fuels the American academic industry. He was finding his voice as a writer and independent researcher when he was diagnosed  with cancer over the summer. It has been a swift and torturous journey since then.
A reminder to the rest of us of how quickly we can lose time.
The days ahead are not guaranteed.
The only opportunity you will have for work is right now.
So let’s get cracking.


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    1. TiffanyKey says:

      Thank you!


  1. Sableyes says:

    Hope he gets better 😦 time does slip by awfully quickly.

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    1. TiffanyKey says:

      Thank you and that is so very, very true.

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  2. Lili says:

    You’re so lucky to live there! Beautiful!

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    1. TiffanyKey says:


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  3. Lili says:

    Best wishes for him 🙂

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    1. TiffanyKey says:

      Thanks, Lili!

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